Posted by: Larry Hoekman | May 6, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 22:11-15

Day 2359 May your Friday be blessed!

Scripture:  By loving a pure heart and gracious speech, I will be the friend of rulers.  The eyes of the Lord preserve knowledge, and He frustrates the words of the deceitful.  A lazy person says, “There‘s a lion outside; I will be murdered in the streets.”  The mouth of an adulterous person is a deep pit, and anyone who is under the Lord’s displeasure will fall into it.  Foolishness is bound up in the heart of children, but the rod of correction will remove it far from them.   Proverbs 22:11-15

Thoughts/questions:  Friends of rulers – I’ve stated before that everyone should strive to be rich and famous! – Rich in the ‘things that really count’ and famous to the ‘people who really matter’.  Our friends/relatives are the ‘people who really matter’ and can be equated to rulers (important people) in this verse.  A pure heart refers to our motivation – behaving towards others in a way that demonstrates we truly consider their needs to be more important than ours.  Gracious speech – to always speak the truth in love.  Sometimes the emphasis is the truth; sometimes love needs to dominate; but always have gracious speech with your friends/relatives.

So what is this rod of correction that will remove foolishness? To me, biblical, effective discipline includes punishment and restoration.  Children are smart, therefore, the punishment must hurt more than the ‘fun’ they had doing the bad behavior or they will repeat that behavior.  This punishment may be corporal and include some sort of ‘rod’ or it may not, BUT it must get their attention!  After the punishment comes the restoration – a time to bring them back to the place they were before their inappropriate behavior through words of affirmation and hugs!

Suggested prayer:  Lord, please help me to be a true friend . . .

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