Posted by: Larry Hoekman | May 8, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 22:16-19

Day 2360:  Great advice from Proverbs for this Sunday!

Scripture:  If I try to get ahead by oppressing the poor or by giving gifts to the rich, I will end up in poverty.  I am to listen to the words of the wise, and apply my heart to words of knowledge. For it is good for me to keep them deep inside of me, and to always have them ready on my lips.  These teachings are for me today, so that my trust may be in the Lord.  Proverbs 22:16-19

Thoughts/questions:  These verses describe key elements in being able to completely trust the Lord and be of spiritual help to others!  The first step is to listen to the words of the wise – our wise God.  His words are to be listened to directly by reading the Bible and praying, and indirectly through listening to wise Christ followers through church, books, CD’s, devotionals, etc.  LISTEN!!!

The second step is to apply these words of knowledge in our everyday lives. Unless we connect those words to our heart in order to change the way we believe and act, merely listening is futile.  But when we apply His wisdom and begin to personally experience all that He has for us, then those words reside deep inside of us and play a vital role in everything we do!  APPLY!!!

Then we will be able to have them ready on our lips!  Because His words now have invaded the deepest corners of our heart (emotions) and mind (thoughts), we now will have them at our disposal for others. Fill yourself with Him and He will overflow from your life into the lives of others!  SHARE!!!

The equation:  Listening to His wisdom + applying His knowledge + sharing Him with others = trusting Him completely!  Do this math today!!!

Suggested prayer:  Lord, these teachings are for me today, so that my trust may be in You . . . 

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