Posted by: Larry Hoekman | May 10, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 22:24-29

Day 2362:  Blessings on your day!  God is, was, and forever will be!!

Scripture:  I am not to be friends with those who are given to anger or associate with a hot-tempered person, for I may learn to be like them and become ensnared.  I should not be one who co-signs for a note or guarantees someone else’s debts.  If I lack the means to pay, my very bed will be taken right out from under me.  I should not move the ancient boundaries set up by my forefathers.  When I observe people truly skilled in their work, I should realize that they will serve before kings rather than obscure people.  Proverbs 22:24-29

Thoughts/questions:  In these verses are two of God’s important warnings!

Hot tempered, angry people are very self-focused and overreact to everything.  Here is the danger of being friends with them – we may learn to be like them and become ensnared.  We probably won’t break out into uncontrollable fits of rage, but subtle changes WILL happen.   We will begin to react in an overdramatic fashion while our focus shifts from God to self, and sooner or later, we will be like them – warning #1 – don’t become good friends with an angry person!

#2:  Money – If a situation arises where someone cannot get a loan based on their own financial situation and ask us to help, something has to be wrong in their finances to need us.  Going the extra mile is something God often asks us to do; however, in regards to the financial blessing He has given us, Proverbs warns that we could lose it all if we do not apply His wisdom – warning #2 – be VERY careful regarding guaranteeing someone else’s payment as we might be the one to suffer!

Suggested prayer:   Lord, give me Your wisdom regarding my friends and my money . . .

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