Posted by: Larry Hoekman | May 20, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 24:24-29

Day 2372:  The living God of the Universe is especially fond of you!

Scripture: If I were to say to the wicked, “You are innocent,” people will curse me and nations denounce me, but if I rebuke the wicked, a good blessing will come upon me.  I will gain affection and respect by giving a right answer.  Before building my house, I should make sure that I have taken care of my outside work and prepared my fields.  I am not to testify against my neighbor without cause or lie about them.  I should not say, “I will now do to them what they did to me; I’ll get even.”   Proverbs 24:24-29

Thoughts/questions:  It is amazing how God desires us to be just, fair and to do the right thing, yet we desire to rationalize our behavior, especially when it involves our families or ourselves.  When parents excuse their children’s mistakes, justice is perverted and a cycle begins.  Children soon learn to absolve themselves from guilt, and then as adults, they can’t hold anyone else accountable and all behavior becomes acceptable.  Sounds a bit like the USA doesn’t it.  While keeping love as the guiding force, we cannot accept wrongdoing – our own nor the wrongdoings of those we love the most.

Often the Bible warns us not to get even!  Remember – if you think a certain behavior or action is wrong and then you do it, you are worse off than the initial offender as they probably did not consider their behavior wrong.  You knew it was wrong and did it anyway – that is sin (James 4:17), and we should NEVER attempt to ‘get even’ in that way no matter what was done to us.

Suggested prayer:  Living God, help my integrity to be consistent and godly . . .

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