Posted by: Larry Hoekman | May 24, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 25:13-17

Day 2376:  More great wisdom today!!!!

Scripture:  When I am a faithful messenger for the one who sent me, I am like the coolness of snow at harvest time, as I refresh the spirit of my employers.  If I boast about a promised gift, but then don’t give it, I am like clouds and wind that don’t bring rain.  By being patient, I may even be able to persuade a ruler, and my soft speech can break a bone.  If I find honey, I should eat just enough of it, as too much will make me sick.  I should not visit my neighbor too often, or I can wear out my welcome!  Proverbs 25:13-17

Thoughts/questions:  Most of us have earthly bosses, and we all have God, our spiritual ‘boss’.  Both desire to trust us!  Often we are so focused in trying to ‘trust’ them and what they are doing, we forget that we too are to be trusted!  Do your earthly and heavenly bosses have to worry about you, or can they trust you to be a faithful messenger?

Empty promises are VERY bad.  When a Christ follower states they are going to do anything, it should be considered done.  We must always do the big things, but even when we say we are going to do something small like ‘take out the trash’, we often don’t follow through!  Speak it, DO it! (or don’t speak it!)

Speaking softly and being patient is so often the opposite of what we want to do, but it can be the measure of us!  After all, soft speech is strong enough to break a hardened bone!  Just how big or spiritual a person we are is often measured by these two things– our speech and patience!

Watch out for TOO much of anything – bad things WILL happen in both the short run and long run when we practice the philosophy that ‘if a little is good, more is better’.  Be careful!!!

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