Posted by: Larry Hoekman | June 1, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 27:1-5

Day 2384: My wife’s 15 year chronic cough has GOT to stop! Please pray!

Scripture:  I should not boast about tomorrow, since I don’t know what the day will bring.  Others should praise me, but my mouth should not; even a stranger might, but not me!  A stone is heavy and sand is weighty, but provocation by a fool is heavier than both.  Wrath is fierce and anger is like a flood, but who can stand before jealousy?  It is better for me to be rebuked openly, than for someone to hide their love from me.  Proverbs 27:1-5

Thoughts/questions:  How often don’t we talk about our future plans like we are in total control?  Now that I’m retired, I am regularly asked about my plans, and according to Proverbs, I must be careful how I answer!  We all need to preface any reference to our future with, “Lord willing, . . .”

Mohammad Ali said ‘if you’ve got it, it ain’t braggin’, but God says that He has given us talents and gifts and we will do great things, BUT if we talk about it – it is braggin’ and He doesn’t want that to happen!!!  We are to be humble and not like some professional football players who selfishly bring attention to themselves after making a good play!  Our humility should also eliminate jealousy, as our attitude should be one of contentment while striving to do our best regardless of what God is doing in the lives of others!

This last verse states that the awkwardness and humiliation of being put down in public is not as bad as hidden love.  Are you hiding your love from someone by forgetting to call, write, or simply tell them?  Think about those you love and make sure they know it!!!

Suggested Prayer:  Most gracious and merciful heavenly Father, I depend on You for everything!  Thank You for always being there for me . . .

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