Posted by: Larry Hoekman | June 2, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 27:6-11

Day 2385:  More wisdom from Proverbs!

Scripture:  Faithful friends may wound me, but deceitful are the kisses of my enemies.  Honey doesn’t seem good when I have no appetite, but even bitter food tastes good to one who is hungry.  If I stray away from my home, I am like a bird that wanders from its nest.  Oils and perfume make my heart glad, similar to the sweetness of wise counsel from a friend.  I should not forsake my friends or the friends of my father, and I should not go to my brother’s house when disaster strikes.  Better is a neighbor who is close by than a brother who is far away.  When I am wise, it brings joy to the hearts of those close to me.  Then they will be able to answer their critics.  Proverbs 27:6-11

Thoughts/questions:  Appetite – what we have a strong desire for!  Jesus said that it all boiled down to this – to love your God with ALL your heart, soul, and mind!  If we do, we will have no appetite for anything else!  Even good things (honey) can begin to dominate our lives and leave no room for the One who should be number ONE!  Check your appetite!

Sometimes these ‘good’ things also get us to stray away from our home.  When a bird wanders away from its nest, the family of the bird suffers greatly.  The nest has to be the number one focus or ???  Have good things taken you away too much?  Do your activities demonstrate that you prioritize your family over and above these ‘good’ things?

God first, family second, then job obligations, hobbies, sports, TV, exercise, and whatever other ‘good’ things you do!  We all need to do our best with our top priorities and then give what we have left to the rest, not vice versa!!!

Suggested Prayer:  Living God of the universe, help me to put first things first . . .


  1. Amen Larry….Thank you!

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