Posted by: Larry Hoekman | June 9, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 28:17-22

(I’ll be off the grid, so won’t be posting for a few days!)

Day 2392:  I asked, “How much do You love me?”  Jesus said, “This much” and He stretched out His arms and died – something to be daily thankful for!!!

Scripture:  Anyone who is tormented with the guilt of murder will be a fugitive until death; no one should support them.  When I walk blamelessly, I will be delivered, but those whose ways are perverse will suddenly fall.  If I work hard, I will have plenty of food, but if I only pursue fantasies, I will have a life full of poverty.  By being faithful, I will be richly blessed, but those who try to get rich quickly will not go unpunished.  I should never show partiality, yet people will do wrong for simply a piece of bread.  I am being greedy when I try ‘get rich quick’ schemes, but it only leads to poverty. Proverbs 28:17-22

Thoughts/questions:  God views all of us and treats all of us impartially, and His desire is for us to do the same. We often treat someone who has a ‘name’ or is in a ‘position of power’ differently and better than we do others.  If we play favorites at all, let it be towards the needy not towards the people we think we need to impress!!! See James 2:1-13!

I’ve tried spiritual ‘get rich quick’ schemes, and they truly led to spiritual poverty.  I thought I could get by with the minimal, maybe get a quick fix at church or do a good deed to boost my spiritual well-being, but over time, that was doomed to failure.  To be richly blessed spiritually, I must be faithful!  I needed to get out of neutral, kick it in gear, commit to a life of discipline, and daily attempt to maximize the potential God has for me! Join me in that faithful daily discipline! (Remember, some day we want to hear God say to us, ‘Well done, thou good and FAITHFUL servant.’

Suggested Prayer:  Living God, thank You for Your promise of richly blessing my life.  Help me to be faithful . . .

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