Posted by: Larry Hoekman | June 19, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 29:18-22

Day 2397: Happy Father’s Day to those who take their responsibility as a top priority!

Scripture:  Where there is no revelation, the people are unrestrained, but I am blessed when I obey the law.  A servant will not be corrected by mere words, as they understand, but do not respond.  If I am hasty with my words, there is more hope for a fool than for me.  A servant who is treated well from childhood will eventually be like a son.  When I am angry, I stir up fights and get into all kinds of sin.  Proverbs 29:18-22

Thoughts/questions:  Two lifestyles are contrasted in these verses – one characterized by anger and hasty words, whereas the other obeys the law.  Reacting in anger and speaking without thinking usually provide memorable moments – memorable moments we would like to forget!!!  They are bad enough in and of themselves, but then they also produce concentric circles of ‘bad’ that move out from us and destroy relationships.

Jesus summarized God’s law as a law of love – love God with everything you’ve got and love your neighbor as yourself!  When our reactions and speech come from this foundation, we also produce memorable moments – memorable moments that we treasure!  These also spread in concentric circles of ‘love’ and eventually permeate all of our relationships – this is how I am blessed when I obey the law!

Renew your love for God and let His love flow through you as you seek to eliminate anger and hasty speech from your life!  Then rest in His blessings!

Suggested Prayer:  Most gracious and merciful God, help me to let Your amazing love flow through me today and every day . . .

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