Posted by: Larry Hoekman | June 21, 2016

Great Chapters in the Bible — Psalm 100

Day 2399: Another Psalm 100 great post!

Scripture: I am to acknowledge that the Lord is God; He made me, and I am His!  I am one of His people; the sheep of His pasture!  Psalm 100:3

Thoughts/questions:   I once read a comment on Facebook from an ex student who used to be involved in Christianity – now she writes that she doesn’t turn things over to God because He doesn’t respond so she takes care of things herself.  I am afraid she, and many others, never got to the point of acknowledging that the Lord is God.  The first definition of ‘acknowledge’ is ‘admit something’ and ‘admit’ is defined as ‘acknowledge truth.’  So putting the two together, WE ARE TO ADMIT THE TRUTH – THE LORD IS GOD!

So why the caps?  I sincerely believe that many are attracted to the concept of a loving God, BUT they never completely admit the truth that He is God, capital G!  He is not ‘a’ god, not a type of Santa Claus who brings us good things because we live a good life, nor is He just a benevolent grandfather who will admit anyone into heaven who hasn’t done anything ‘too’ bad.  No, He is the living GOD of the universe!  We are to admit the truth that He is God and we are not, and truly let Him be the Lord of our lives 100%!  True, bad things happen to good people, our ways are not God’s ways, unfair activities and relationships can seem to overwhelm us, BUT He is God.  We don’t and can’t understand His every action within our lives and have a hard time accepting the behaviors of others close to us, but when we admit the TRUTH that the Lord is God, we have begun a life of secure peace!

Jesus led His life knowing this truth, and it brought peace and hope into every situation He faced.  We too can live like that!  He made me, and I am His!  What a comfort to truly know that He understands EVERY part of our thinking, EVERY relationship issue we have, EVERY temptation and doubt we confront, EVERYTHING!!!  He is God, YES He is God!!!  If you never have done so before, admit this truth!

Suggested prayer:  Lord, I honestly and completely admit that YOU ARE GOD . . .

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