Posted by: Larry Hoekman | July 2, 2016

Great Chapters in the Bible — Colossians 3

Day 2410:  God’s grace IS sufficient!

Scripture:   For I have died, and my life is hidden with Christ in God, and when Christ, who is my life appears, then I also will appear with Him in glory!  Colossians 3:3,4

Thoughts/questions:  Remember, death in the Bible is a separation, not an end or non-existence, so the death here is a separation of the new self made in God’s image from the old sin dominated self.  My heaven bound new life in Christ is separated from the old life headed in the other direction.  I am dead to one existence and alive to another.  Also, the word ‘have’ is important here, as grammatically, this does not indicate a past, one time event but an ongoing one as we continue to fight the battle of separating our new life from the old one.

Hidden with Christ – I really like this!  When I meet my Maker, I don’t want to be listing the reasons why I should be able to enter heaven, as I know only too well the sin that resides in me and how I would not qualify on my merit.  However, by being ‘hidden’ in Christ, I am able to go straight to the throne, as the Father will always accept His Son!

So, don’t get discouraged, as we do have to continually wage the war of separation and some times we lose a battle or two, BUT, we have won the war!!!  Our life IS hidden with Christ in God – that war is over, done, complete, finished!!!!  So then, we can confidently live our lives knowing that even though we struggle here, we WILL APPEAR WITH HIM IN GLORY!

Christ, who is my life – Paul states this confidently.  If you had someone go with you every moment for a month and then filled out this phrase regarding you – ‘________ is their life’, would they put the word Christ in that blank?  Or would it be self, family, career, money, sports, pleasure, pride . . . ?  Spend some time on this phrase!!!!

Suggested prayer:  Jesus, help me to daily live out the phrase, ‘Christ, who is my life” . . .


  1. Priceless gift of Grace through HIS sacrifice for us. Gotta keep my focus on this Truth & Gift

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