Posted by: Larry Hoekman | July 7, 2016

Great Chapters in the Bible — Colossians 3

Day 2405:  Blessings to you this summer day!!!

Scripture: I am also to let the words of Christ dwell richly within me, so that I may be able to use wisdom to teach and admonish others with psalms, hymns, and spiritual choruses.  My singing should be filled with thanksgiving in my heart to God!  And whatever I say or whatever I do, I should do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, always giving thanks through Him to God the Father!  Colossians 3:16,17

Thoughts/questions:  Currently, Linda and I are ‘dwelling’ in many places and circumstances – hotels, with friends, rented homes, trains, planes – and our dwellings will be important to the enjoyment of our trip.  How the words of Christ dwell in us is also extremely important.  To dwell richly is like that ‘rich’ chocolate cake – so FULL of flavor and chocolate that each bite is delightful.  Are His words finding that place within you?  Are they ‘rich’ or just words?  We don’t eat ‘rich’ foods rapidly, but slowly and in small bites.  Take His word in slowly and savor them!

Singing – what a joy and blessing God has given humans!!!  We can enjoy music at so many levels, BUT when our hearts overflow with thanksgiving and we sing songs about our God, then we make music that is a twofold blessing – uplifting to us and to our heavenly Father!!!   After you’ve finished reading, pick out a favorite hymn or chorus and SING!  (no matter where you are – you’ll be surprised at the positive reaction of others.)

Chapter 3’s memory verse doesn’t leave a lot of gray area.  Whatever means whatever!  I know it would change my life if I actually spoke out loud, “I am doing this in the name of the Lord Jesus” before I did anything.  Whether it be at work, at play, on the computer, time alone, even going to church or Bible study – “I am doing this in the name of the Lord Jesus.”  I’m going to try it!  (but probably not out loud!)

Always giving thanks!  Colossians has set the bar VERY high for us and we DON’T make it all of the time.  So ALWAYS give thanks because within our failures and shortcomings, we ARE forgiven!!!

Suggested prayer:  Almighty God, thank You for forgiving me . . .


  1. That’s a whole lotta ALWAYS…would definitely change my thoughts, feelings, life

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