Posted by: Larry Hoekman | July 18, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 30:5-10

Day 2216: Another Monday to make a difference – MMM  Make Mondays Matter!!! 

Scripture: Every word of God is proven true; God is my shield when I take refuge in Him!  I am not to add to His words, or He may rebuke me and I will be found to be a liar.  Agur, speaking for all of us, asked two things of the Lord before he died.  The first was that God would keep deception and lies far from me; the second was that God would give me neither poverty nor riches, but would only give me enough to satisfy my needs.  For if I have too much, I may deny God and say, “Who is the Lord?”  Or if I become too poor, I may steal and dishonor the name of my God.  I should never slander someone in front of a person in authority over them, or they will curse me and I will pay for it.  Proverbs 30:5-10

Thoughts/questions:  These verses remind us of a number of things to be thankful for:  the word of God, God is my shield, God keeps us from deception and lies, God gives us enough to satisfy our needs!  All great things to be thankful for!

Sometimes I’m afraid that we are guilty of having too much in some areas and being too poor in others with the result of both being “Who is the Lord?”  If we don’t have enough of something we want, if something we value is taken away, or if we don’t believe we have ‘our’ needs met, we thenseek to do it on ‘our’ own.  If we are blessed with plenty of something, we again become self-reliant and do it on ‘our’ own.  When we ‘do it on our own’ no matter what the cause, we are answering the question, “Who is the Lord?” with ME.

Let’s confirm our hearts’ desire – in times of want or in times of plenty – blessed be the name of the Lord!  And that name is JESUS!!!!

Suggested Prayer:  Jesus, may I always be thankful that You are my Lord . . . 


  1. In all things give thanks
    Thank you Larry

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