Posted by: Larry Hoekman | July 19, 2016

Proverbs — Proverbs 30:11-16

Day 2217:  Today, tell your spouse or someone you love that you truly love them!

Scripture:  I should never be like some who curse their father and do not thank their mother.  They are pure in their own eyes, yet they are not cleansed of their filth.  Also, I should never be like those whose eyes are ever so prideful, and who look at others in disdain.  And others have teeth like swords and jaws like knives in order to devour the poor and destroy the needy from the face of the earth.  The leech has two suckers that cry out, “More, more!”  There are three things that will not be satisfied; no four that will not say, “Enough”:  the grave, the barren womb, land which is never satisfied with water, and fire – they never say, “Enough!”  Proverbs 30:11-16

Thoughts/questions:  Some strong warnings are given in these verses and we are well advised to take heed!  Curse their father or not thank their mother – God has many things to say about how we treat family, and I believe it is based on the following:  if God has intentionally and purposely given us our respective immediate families, and then we curse one of them or are not thankful, then we really are demonstrating a basic mistrust in God’s planning regarding our lives.

Family can be extremely difficult, but we should all think about this:  maybe instead of focusing on them and how they impact us, we should consider that to God it is more important that we are in their lives, not them in ours.  Without them having US in their lives, they may never be reached with the sacrificial love of God!  Are you willing to be God’s spokesperson for that difficult family member?  God used His own Son FOR us, not us for His Son, so the same could easily be true in our lives!!!

Since our eyes are the ‘windows to our soul’, prideful eyes and disdainful looks say what about the condition of that soul???  A prideful eye has its gaze turn inward, and a disdainful look can be such a put down that it undermines a relationship.  When people look into our eyes, let them see the One we desire to reside there – Jesus!

Suggested Prayer:  Father God, thank You for being sacrificial with Your Son, and may I do the same with my family . . .

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