Posted by: Larry Hoekman | August 5, 2016

One Another — A Big 13!

Day 2234:  No computer for awhile, so today is the first day of the series on what the Bible teaches about how we are to interact with one another – everyone, but especially fellow Christ followers.

Scripture:  (Jesus speaking) So now I give a new commandment to you:  Love one another!  As I have loved you, so you must love one another!  By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another! John 13:34,35

Thoughts/questions:  We are to accept one another; not slander one another; live in harmony with one another; encourage one another; love one another; serve one another; be hospitable to one another; spur one another on to good works; be humble with one another; give preference to one another; exhort and warn one another; be patient with one another; and forgive one another!

Bored?  Try doing these 13!  That should keep you busy!!!  These all were written as direct command type statements without any qualifiers – we ARE to interact with fellow Christ followers in these ways.  Self is not a consideration in regards to this, as our focus has to be on the other person.

Jesus pretty much summed it up by repeating that we are to love one another three times in these verses.  If we were to do these 13 teachings, we definitely would be following His commandment!  Again – accept, not slander, live in harmony, encourage, love, serve, be hospitable, spur on, be humble, give preference, exhort, warn, be patient, forgive!  Quite a list – we CAN do it!!!  And by doing it, we will show the world that we truly are Jesus’ disciples!

Suggested prayer:  Dear Jesus, help me to truly do what You have asked me to do – to show love to my brothers and sisters every day . . .

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