Posted by: Larry Hoekman | August 7, 2016

One Another — To Exhort or not to Exhort!

Day 2236:  Don’t sell yourself short; you are worthy!  (God says it, so BELIEVE it!!!)

Scripture:  But I should exhort and warn one another daily, as long as it is still called ‘Today’, so that no other Christ follower will be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin!  Hebrews 3:13  

Thoughts/questions:  These verses admonish us to do this daily, yet most Christ followers have a hard time doing this ever!  Yet, the potential rewards are great, as no one would want a brother or sister to be deceived and then have their heart hardened toward God, but are we following these verses and doing anything about it???

Warning or exhorting involves passion, as there is a sense of urgency to the message that needs to be spoken.  This urgency is because if we wait, it might be too late.  As long as it is still called ‘Today’ – this can be two things.  1) The end WILL happen and then it will be too late for warnings or exhorting.  2) One never knows when it will be too late for the individual involved – if they’ve crossed the line and already hardened their heart.

This is a difficult challenge, but daily we are called to be sensitive to the spirits of our brothers and sisters and when we discern any type of an issue – it IS time to speak, and make sure it is with love and in humility!  The best way might be a question – “So, how are you doing spiritually?”  I’ll try it, how about you???

Suggested prayer:  Lord, show me other believers who need my words of encouragement and warning . . .

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