Posted by: Larry Hoekman | August 8, 2016

One Another — Be Devoted!

Day 2237:  Be blessed on another day you have been gifted with!!!  Today we consider giving preference to one another!

Scripture:  I am to be devoted to one another in brotherly love; and to give preference to one another in honor!  Romans 12:10   I am to do nothing from selfishness or vain conceit, but with humility of mind, I am to consider one another as more important than myself!   Philippians 2:3

Thoughts/questions:  The attitude we have toward each other will determine our behavior toward them!  We can only give preference to one another if we are devoted to them and consider them as more important than ourselves!  Too many times we consider ourselves to be the most important; we are devoted to what is best for ourselves; and we prefer things that directly benefit us!

As we interact with people and fellow Christ followers, we make a choice.  Do we act as some cultures which act as if you’re not even there?  Do we only think of ourselves and how the situation we are in impacts us?  Do we always go first, take the best seat, take the best food, speak without listening, dishonor others by not paying attention to them, let someone else have what should have been ours, walk a mile in their shoes, prioritize the feelings of others over our own?

This is not something we can do easily – giving preference to one another is a choice, then a habit, and finally a lifestyle!  Today is a good day to start choosing to devote your life for the good of others!  Ask God to change your life from a selfish one to a selfless one!

Suggested prayer:  Father God, I need Your help to put others first.  When I am selfish, help me to become selfless . . .

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