Posted by: Larry Hoekman | August 12, 2016

One Another — Acceptance!!!

Day 2241: Just returned from a no internet camping trip and am finishing a visit to ‘one another’ verses today!

Scripture:  I am to accept one another just as Christ has accepted me, so that God will be glorified!   Romans 15:7

Thoughts/questions:  For Christ followers, it is NOT all about us.  There are many scriptures regarding how we are to interact with one another, and we start with a key word – accept!  After we accept ourselves with ALL of our strengths and weaknesses; giftedness and sins; and our past and present, then we are to accept one another!

The dictionary defines to accept as to be welcoming to somebody!  And we are charged with accepting one another as Christ has accepted us!  We are not talking about the minimum of ‘oh well, I guess I’ll have to put up with my brothers/sisters in Christ whom I don’t particularly like’, and therefore simply co-exist.  No, our acceptance level is not to be at the bottom of the scale, but at the top!

How did Jesus accept us?  Did we attain perfection to find His acceptance?  Did He merely tolerate us after accepting us?  How welcoming was He?  He is so accepting that He strongly desires a continual relationship with us!  Are we seeking to match His level of acceptance?  Christ followers are not perfect; often hard to tolerate; and difficult to maintain a relationship with – BUT, each of us is like that to Jesus, yet He accepts us completely, and we are to do the same!

This can be a great challenge, but we are without excuse!  When you find it hard to accept certain fellow believers, consider how Jesus accepted you and go and do likewise!

Suggested prayer:  Lord Jesus, help me to be as accepting of my brothers and sisters as You are of me . . .


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