Posted by: Larry Hoekman | August 31, 2016

The Lord is my . . . Refuge!

Day 2256: 126 days until Christmas!

Scripture: God is my strong refuge; He makes my way perfect. II Samuel 22:33

Thoughts/questions: Not only our refuge, but our strong refuge!!! Refuge – a condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble.

This definition appears to be similar to the job description of our guardian angel. I know that during a recent camping trip our guardian angel sheltered us from trouble and kept us safe as we lost a wheel, had a bear in camp eating our food while Linda was at the table, and had a driver come completely in our lane on a two lane road. We definitely needed a strong refuge!!!

So much of our lives occurs in the unknown – dangers narrowly escaped, protection while we were unaware; troubles all around but we are kept safe. If we knew all of these close calls, we would either freak out as to what might happen next, or the known would cause our faith to diminish. Neither of these are good!

So, what’s left is to trust His promises. He either is our strong refuge or He’s not! And in being that refuge for us, our ways our perfect. Not maybe in our own eyes, but the living God of the universe is taking care of us in ways that we will completely understand in eternity.

For now, we are to have the attitude that whatever comes our way, God will use our responding attitude to impact our life and the lives of those we interact with!

God is my Refuge!!!

Suggested prayer: Living God of the universe, help me to believe your promises and trust You completely . . .

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