Posted by: Larry Hoekman | February 1, 2017

Personal Sharing — Perspective and Truth!

Day 2663: Bless the Lord Oh my soul!!!

Scripture:  There is a way which people may think is the right way, but in the end it leads to death. Proverbs 14:12 As much as possible, I need to do my part to live peaceably with everyone. Romans 12:18

Thoughts/questions: I’ve seen a couple of things recently which reminded me of how important perspective can be. The first was looking from my house and seeing a butterfly from about 50 feet and a turkey vulture about 500 feet away. From my viewpoint, they both seemed the same; however, we know they are vastly different in size. Perspective!

The other was a photo of the shadow of a cylinder. When light was shone on the circular side, the resulting shadow was a circle. However, when the light created a shadow from the side, a rectangle appeared from the same cylinder. Perspective!

Without the knowledge of the impact of differing perspectives, one could argue that butterflies and turkey vultures are the same size, or that a cylinder is really a rectangle and not round at all. Perspective!

Perspective distorts and validates truth. It can make two rational people argue irrationally, or it can allow one to vicariously empathize with another’s point of view. How does perspective effect you? Should your reality BE everyone’s? Or does perspective give you an awareness that even truth can be evaluated from many differing viewpoints and life experiences. Perspective!

People definitely have differing perspectives and God does as well! Guess whose is the most important. Always seek His. And may we all bring peace wherever we go and to whomever we meet! Remember – Perspective!

Suggested prayer: Father God, help me to always view my life from Your perspective and to see others as You see them . . .

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