Posted by: Larry Hoekman | February 8, 2017

Psalms — Psalm 68 – God is Great!

Day 2669: Life’s distractions are many; don’t let them win!

Scripture: God arises, and His enemies are scattered. Those who hate Him flee from His presence. But the righteous rejoice and exult before God; they are overwhelmed with joy. Sing to God. Sing praise to His name! Exalt the One who rides on the clouds. The Lord is His name. Be jubilant in His presence.

God, You poured out abundant rain on Your inheritance. When Israel was weary, You sustained her. Your people live there; You sustain the needy with Your goodness. God’s chariots were many thousands. The Lord was there with them at Sinai in holiness.

God is for us; the God of our deliverance. The Lord God rescues us from death. The singers are in front, the musicians follow, strumming their stringed instruments among the maidens who are playing their tambourines. Bless God in the great congregation, the Lord who is the fountain of Israel.

You kingdoms of the earth, sing to God! Sing praises to the Lord, to the One who rides the heavens, the ancient heavens. Behold! He thunders with a mighty voice. You are awesome, God, from Your sanctuaries. The God of Israel is the One who gives strength and power to the people. Blessed be God! Excerpts from Psalm 68

Thoughts/questions: Allah akbar (God is great/greater) is a phrase not welcome in the ears of so many Christ followers throughout the world. However, Christ followers would do well to emulate them and extol the praises of our Jehovah God more often! Not to elevate self and promote our agenda, but merely to acknowledge the One who rides on the clouds!

Blessed be God!!!

Suggested prayer: Almighty God, may I never be ashamed to stand up for You . . .

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