Posted by: Larry Hoekman | July 7, 2017

Psalms — Psalm 23 – His Path!

Day 2796:  Be a blessing to someone today!!!

Scripture:  The Lord restores my soul.  He guides me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.  Psalm 23:3

Thoughts/questions:  God is in the business of bringing us back into relationship with Him, as Christianity is said to be the only major religion in which God actively reaches out to humanity.  Since the fall, the Lord continually seeks to restore our souls.  Restoring is ‘returning somebody to a previous position.’  Our previous position before sin entered the world was an intimate, moment by moment, fellowship with the God of the universe.  When I finally restore my ’68 Buick, I don’t have to worry about the car not cooperating in the process.  However, we are not like my car – God wants our relationship to be as close as possible to the original plan – are you seeking that same thing?

As a football coach, all of my offensive plays were designed with a ‘path’ in mind and if all of the players executed perfectly, the ‘path’ would lead to a touchdown!  God has a ‘path’ for each of us and when we go down His path of righteousness, we will score ‘spiritual touchdowns!’  And when my player ran along the path the team had created for them, I was extremely excited and so was the crowd who watched the TD play.  God is the same – He is even more excited when we stay on His path and the crowd of angels/witnesses is cheering as well!!!  Don’t stray off of His path!!!

Suggested prayer:  Lord, I want my soul to be restored and to fellowship daily with You.  Help me to do that as I follow Your path . . .

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