Posted by: Larry Hoekman | August 5, 2017

Names of Jesus — Emmanuel and Morning Star!

Day 2821:  For the next 9 days, we will explore 2 of the names or characteristic of Jesus!!!

Scripture:  The virgin shall conceive a child.  She will give birth to a son, and they will call Him Emmanuel – which means God is with us!  Matthew 1:23    “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this message for the churches.  I am both the source of David and his descendant.  And I am the bright and Morning Star!”  Revelation 22:16

Thoughts/questions:  I am starting with Morning Star, as it was the name of my wife’s preschool!  Before the dawn and coming sun, the first light of the day is given by the Morning Star – and Jesus ascribes to Himself that position of first light!  People try to bring ‘light’ into their darkness through self-help books, self-medicating with drugs or alcohol, inner awareness, spirituality, prosperity, being busy, and on and on.  But Jesus says that HE is the light of the world, even the very FIRST light – our bright and Morning Star.  Let the true light, the Morning Star, rise in our hearts and bring light to us every day!

Emmanuel – God is with us!  Wow – two huge words together in Jesus – GOD and WITH!  The God of the universe, capital G, has chosen to be with us.  Not far off letting us fend for ourselves, but God is with us!  There are many people that I would like to be with in various situations; however, if I had to choose only one entity to be with me at all times, it would be God, AND HE HAS CHOSEN TO BE WITH ME.  Emmanuel, God is with us.  Baby Jesus is Emmanuel!!!  And He is not One who ‘was’ with us, NO, He is with us yesterday, today, and forever!

Suggested Prayer: Jesus, You are the Almighty . . .

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