Posted by: Larry Hoekman | August 8, 2017

Names of Jesus — Prince of Peace and Deliverer!

Day 2823:  More great names of Jesus!!!

Scripture:  And He will be called . . . Prince of Peace!  Isaiah 9:6     The Deliverer will come out of Zion; He will turn Israel away from godliness.  Romans 11:26b

Thoughts/questions:  Very little makes life more peaceful. Even vacations are often anxious times. However, the Prince of Peace stated, “Peace I leave with you” and desires His peace to rule over our hearts.  When people get a bad diagnosis regarding a serious ailment, they travel far seeking out the best specialist they can find.  For peace, the Prince of Peace IS that specialist!  Go to Jesus, talk over everything with Him, give Him all of your cares, and rest in His arms!!!  Then go out and do what you do, but with the calmness and tranquility of someone who is loved by the Prince of Peace!!!

Peace is just one of the many things our Deliverer does deliver ‘to’ us!  Remember, so many times our focus is on what Jesus, our Deliverer, delivers us ‘from’ and that is enough of a blessing.  However, He also delivers ‘to’ us and sooner than UPS!  Every day Jesus arrives at our spiritual home ready to drop off what we need and to take away anything that we need to be set free from.  Shouldn’t we spend some time every morning to go over our needs with Jesus, our Deliverer???  Free shipping and free delivery!!!

Suggested Prayer:  Jesus, help me to rest in You and to take time each day to talk over all of my needs with You . . .

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