Posted by: Larry Hoekman | August 10, 2017

Names of Jesus — Lamb of God and Good Shepherd!

Day 2285: Summer is almost over – enjoy each warm day!

Scripture:  The next day John (The Baptist) saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!”  John 1:29    “I am the Good Shepherd.  The Good Shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.”  “I am the Good Shepherd; I know my sheep and they know me.”  John 10:11, 14

Thoughts/questions:  Jesus is referred to as a lamb and a shepherd, covering the full range of the Bible’s often used sheep analogies.  What characterizes each is sacrifice!  As the Lamb of God, Jesus is the sacrificial lamb – the perfect sacrifice for imperfect mankind.  Our sin issue separates us from God, and those sins had to be atoned for, as we could not face a holy God blackened with sin.  Jesus knew what was going to happen when He took on the title of the Lamb of God.  Not being a cute, cuddly little lamb, but giving the ultimate sacrificial death that would take away the sin of the world, and He did just that for you and me!  WORTHY is the Lamb!

Our Good Shepherd patiently watches over us and takes care of our every need.  His love pervades every aspect of His treatment of us.  He nurtures and protects us like a mother does with her child.  We know Him, and He knows us!!!  Yet, as the Good Shepherd, He also knew His eventual role – to lay down His life for the sheep.  It is one thing to say that you are willing to do something; it is another thing to do it.  Jesus was willing AND did it!  Thank You Good Shepherd!!!

Suggested Prayer:  Jesus, as I consider Your birth, let me never forget that You knew why You came.  Thank You . . .

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