Posted by: Larry Hoekman | August 12, 2017

Names of Jesus — Mighty God and Friend!

Day 2287:  What an amazing God!

Scripture:  “No one has any greater love than this; that they lay down their life for their friends.  You are my friends if you obey Me.  I no longer call you servants, because the master does not confide in His servants.  Instead, I have called you friendsJohn 15:13-15a    And His name shall be called . . . Mighty GodIsaiah 9:6

Thoughts/questions: We call people a lot of things; hopefully good!  Whether that be their title, nickname, something signifying respect, or a term of endearment, we have certain words we call others, which describe our relationship with that person.

Jesus, the Mighty God calls us His Friend, which in turn makes Him our Friend!  He is not simply an acquaintance, nor a historical figure we read about or study, nor a far removed God who has no desire to interact with us.  No, He wants to be emotionally close to us, to confide in us the mysteries of the living God, to bring peace and hope to us in times of despair, to walk beside us every day, to carry us when we cannot take another step, and to die for us so that we might live!  My true Friend!!!

And this is not the average person who seeks out a friendship with someone rich and famous.  No, this is the Mighty God seeking to be Friends with us, the most undeserving of His friendship.  The Mighty God – God capital ‘G’ who has no equal, who is all powerful, everywhere present, timeless, immeasurable, all knowing, the one true God!  The Mighty God is my Friend!!!

Suggested Prayer:  Jesus, I am so blessed that You have called me Your friend . . .

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