Posted by: Larry Hoekman | July 14, 2018

Luke — Time to Withdraw???

Day 3108: Have a glorious summer’s weekend!

Scripture:  When the apostles returned, they reported to Jesus what they had done. Then He took them with Him and they withdrew by themselves to a town called Bethsaida, but the crowds learned about it and followed Him. He welcomed them and spoke to them about the kingdom of God, and healed those who needed healing. Luke 9:10,11

Thoughts/questions: We are a busy people in a busy society within a busy culture – places to go and people to see. Jesus experienced the same but had the wisdom to withdraw and be with His disciples alone.

It didn’t last long, but the principle is still the same – there are times when we need to get away; withdraw from the crazy pace of life; and refocus on what’s important. This doesn’t have to be a week’s vacation in an island paradise, although that would be nice. It could merely be an afternoon or evening or solitude or a special time with special people.

But it HAS to happen periodically! If it IS time for you to get away, DON’T put it off. Withdraw, rest, and be more at peace. Some things/people are really important – refocus on them as well! May God grant you the time to withdraw!

Suggested Prayer: Father God, I know I can’t just go, go, go. I need to rest and fall into Your loving arms. Help me to do just that . . .

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