Posted by: Larry Hoekman | July 16, 2018

God’s Faithfulness — Quite an Example!

Day 3109:  May the God of hope truly fill you with His hope!  MMM!!! (This man’s life changed mine!)

Scripture:  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!  Philippians 4:13 

Thoughts/questions:  Born in Rumania in 1907 of Jewish parents, Richard Wurmbrand’s early life and even after his marriage was one without God, pursuing women, chasing pleasure, lying, cheating, hurting others, and then becoming afflicted with tuberculosis at age 27. Assigned to a sanatorium, he was given a Bible and met Christ there. His wife, however, was distressed to the point of suicidal thoughts because her partner in pleasure was now a devout believer who wanted to become a pastor! Soon his life impacted her and she was baptized as well!

He became a Lutheran pastor as Communism strengthened its grip on Eastern Europe. When faced with the opportunity to stand up for Christ against Stalin, he hesitated and told his wife that she would lose her husband if he spoke the truth. Her response – “I don’t need a coward. Go and do it!” He then began to lead the Christian Underground and was harassed and jailed many times until February 29, 1948, the Communist Secret Police arrested him.

He was released in 1956, warned not to preach, kept preaching, and was arrested again in 1959 and sentenced for 25 years. He spent three years in solitary confinement in a cell 12 feet underground with no light or windows or sound as even the guards wore felt on the soles of their shoes. As an example of physical torture, the soles of his feet were beaten until the flesh was torn off, then the next day beaten again to the bone.

He was then assigned to Room Four, the ‘death room’ which no one had ever survived. Here, even though racked by tuberculosis, he helped dying patients while being whipped and kicked on a regular basis. His trials were unspeakable, but God was faithful and he was eventually released to a wife he thought was dead, and she had been told the same thing about him. The Stalinist regime prompted much of what he went through and yet God’s faithfulness resulted in the only daughter of the greatest mass-murderer of Christians becoming a Christian!

Please read his full story in his book – In God’s Underground. It will change your life!   

Suggested Prayer:  Lord, help those who are persecuted for Your name’s sake . . .   

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