Posted by: Larry Hoekman | October 3, 2018

James — Seek Wisdom!

Day 3175: Be a blessing today!

Scripture:  But if I don’t understand how to do this (rejoice in trials), I can ask God for wisdom.  He will gladly give it to me without holding anything back.  However, I have to be sure to ask Him in faith without doubting, or I will be like a wave in the ocean that is driven and tossed by the wind, and my decisions will always be uncertain and their results will be unstable.  Without complete faith and trust in the Lord, I cannot expect anything else. James 1:5-8

Thoughts/questions:  God won’t give us everything we ask for, but in James He promised that He WILL answer our request for wisdom, but only if we trust Him completely.

I see our life similar to a 1,000 piece puzzle.  Each piece represents some aspect of our lives.  The problem is this; while on earth we only get to see the gray side of so many pieces.  When actually doing puzzles, the first thing that happens is that we turn the pieces so that the picture side is up.  Imagine trying to put together a puzzle by only seeing the gray side!

We would all give up on puzzles if only the gray side could be seen.  Because faith (not knowing, but believing anyway) is foundational in our relationship with God, some parts of our lives will never seem to fit – the gray puzzle pieces.  However, in heaven God will turn over the completed puzzle of our lives making a beautiful picture!  But for now, we are asked to live by faith and trust that He is making something amazing using all of our life experiences!

Suggested prayer:  Lord, let me see my life through Your eyes . . .

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