Posted by: Larry Hoekman | October 4, 2018

James — Focus, Not Hocus Pocus!

Day 3176: Praise God, yep praise Him!!!

Scripture:  Even though I might be poor by worldly standards, I must focus on my high position in the Lord.  Or if I find myself rich in the things of this world, I must still focus on my eternal position in Him.  My riches will soon be gone like a desert flower that has had its beauty destroyed by the scorching of the sun and wind.  James 1:9-11

Thoughts/questions:  Perspective – throughout these first 12 verses, James encourages us to change how we view our lives.  Whether it is life’s challenges or when we are content and everything is going well, we should make every attempt to have a Godly perspective on all of our life’s circumstances.

Trusting in God and experiencing His peace does not magically happen – ‘it’s focus, not hocus pocus’!  These verses indicate that our primary focus should be on the eternal and on God’s love and plan for our lives and not on things which only last for the moment.  That doesn’t mean that we become so ‘heavenly minded that we’re no earthly good’, but that each day we slow down our hectic pace and choose to focus our thoughts towards God and what counts for eternity.

When compared with forever (a word which has always boggled my mind), our 80 years on earth are just a drop in that bucket of time. OK, let’s stop and meditate on things that are eternal.  Close your eyes and focus on what will last forever – relationships, family, God, helping others . . .  Make ‘forever things’ your bucket list – they will never fade away as even the most beautiful flower quickly does; the things that truly matter will last forever.  

Suggested prayer:  Father, help me to take my focus off of today and onto eternity . . .

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