Posted by: Larry Hoekman | October 5, 2018

James — Don’t Entertain Temptation!

Day 3177:  JOY – Jesus, Others, and You in that order!

Book of James   Yes, I can be joyful during my trials and temptations, for eventually I will receive the crown of life promised to me because I love Him.  Praise the Lord!  But when these times come, I shouldn’t say that God is tempting me because God never tempts me to do anything evil.  I am tempted when my own thoughts and desires pull me away from God, and then sin results, which eventually leads to death.  I should not be deceived in this area.  James 1:12-17 

 Thoughts/questions:   A few years ago, I went through a time of repentance I had never previously experienced.  The speaker challenged me in regards to my effort to seek God and my involvement with temptation.

As James states, I was tempted when my own thoughts and desires pulled me away from God.  I was missing the mark God had set for me, and I needed to repent before it led anywhere else.  The speaker used an analogy of inviting temptation over and ‘hanging’ with it for awhile, sending it away, and then spending more time with it later.  That WAS what I had done.  I had deceived myself, so I confessed it to Him, and have greatly reduced inviting those temptations back for any more visits!

Being tempted is not the same as sinning, as even Jesus faced temptation.  What we do with that temptation is another matter.  By entertaining temptation and dwelling on it, we move from just being tempted to sinning.  By facing temptation head on and removing it from our thoughts, we can free ourselves from its control and impact on our life!

Suggested prayer: Lord, I’m sorry for allowing my own thoughts and desires to pull me away from You . . . 

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