Posted by: Larry Hoekman | October 6, 2018

James — Our Owner’s Manual!

Day 3178:  Blessings on your weekend!

Book of James  Therefore, I should put aside all filthiness and wickedness in my life and humbly take in God’s word, which is able to save my soul.  These words must be obeyed and not just listened to.  For if I am only a listener and do not obey, it is similar to looking in a mirror; and as soon as I walk away, I immediately forget what I look like.  But if I gaze intently on God’s perfect law of liberty and truly live it; I won’t forget, as I will do what it says.  God will then greatly bless me in everything I do!  James 1:21-25 

Thoughts/questions:  The Bible is our ‘owner’s manual.’ A motorcycle has an owner’s manual, but if one works on their car using the motorcycle’s manual, they will have major problems.

If you use a self-help book instead of God’s owner’s manual, your life will also have major problems – and without doing as James states, humbly taking in God’s word, which is able to save our souls, our lives will not match what God has planned for us.  Remember, God likens our attempts to be perfect as filthy rags compared to actually being perfect, so James’ use of the words filthy and wicked is not so far off the mark.

So, how are you receiving God’s word?  Humbly?  Are His words MORE important than your own thoughts or the input the world shouts at you? 2) Do you just read them and then check that off today’s ‘to do’ list and go about your day without changing the way you act or think? Gaze intently; then do what it says!

Suggested prayer:  Father God,  help me to act on the things that I read . . .

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