Posted by: Larry Hoekman | October 8, 2018

James — Who Gets Special Attention?

Day 3180: May God’s love flow through you today!

James:   As a believer in my glorious Lord Jesus Christ, I must not show any favoritism.  For example, two people come to my church and one is dressed nicely and is wearing expensive jewelry, while the other is a poor person wearing shabby clothes.  If I pay special attention to the rich person and seat them in the best place but tell the poor person that they could stand or else sit on the floor, haven’t I then made distinctions based on evil motives?  James 2:1-4

Thoughts/questions:   ‘Distinctions based on evil motives’   Yesterday’s scripture had a distinction as the last verse encouraged us to make sure we are ‘taking care of widows and orphans’.  God is NOT asking us to quit evaluating the merit/need of the people we help, but He IS requiring us to consider our motives!

In I Samuel 16:7b, we are told, “people look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart”. (i.e. attitudes/motives/desires.)  Our goal is for our thoughts and actions to be like God’s, so when we have to make a distinction/decision regarding people, we must look at our heart and their heart!  Is our heart in the right place or are we acting selfishly with an evil motive?

It is difficult to determine the condition of the heart of the person we’re interacting with, so we should focus on our own. Maybe I choose to help/support a certain group, and you support someone on the side of the road asking for help.  As long as we both are helping from the right reason, we are NOT making distinctions based on evil motives.

Suggested prayer:   Lord,  help me to examine my motives and then to serve and to give . . .

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