Posted by: Larry Hoekman | October 11, 2018

James — Show Mercy!

Day 3183: Always pray for your country! Each country needs the prayers of its citizens!

James:  If I keep almost every law but sin in just one area, I am guilty of breaking all of them.  For the God who said, “Do not commit adultery” also said, “Do not commit murder.”  So even if I have not committed adultery but have murdered someone, I have entirely broken God’s law and am a guilty sinner.  I need to speak and act knowing that my judgment will be based on God’s law that gives freedom.  This judgment towards me will be merciless if I haven’t shown mercy, but mercy triumphs over judgment.  James 2:10-13

Thoughts/questions:  God does not look at us as being ‘more’ guilty if we commit a certain sin or ‘less’ guilty if we commit a different one.  Sin is sin regardless of quantity or severity, and we are ALL lumped into the same guilty pile. Similar to earthly judges handing down their sentences, God sits on the Judgment Seat to declare our sentence.  However, because we know Him, Jesus is NOT sitting on the Judgment Seat, but HE sits on the Mercy Seat!!!

The expression is ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’.  Well, that’s true in life and in death.  By knowing Jesus, when we face our Creator, Jesus moves from the Judgment Seat to the Mercy Seat!!!  If today you are not sure you know Him, don’t let another day go by without receiving Him as your personal Savior.  If you do know Him, be like those who ‘know’ they have been forgiven much – because you have been – and rejoice that although equally guilty, mercy triumphs over judgment!!!!!!

Suggested prayer:  Lord thank You for not giving me what I deserve, but giving me mercy instead . . .

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