Posted by: Larry Hoekman | October 12, 2018

James — Faith Defined!

Day 3184:   Yesterday’s devotion was heavenly mercy; today’s is practical earthly advice!

James:  What’s the use of saying that I have faith if I don’t have works?  Will that faith save me?  If I say to a brother or sister who is in need of food or clothing, “God bless you; be warmed and be filled,” and then I don’t give them any clothes or food, what good is that?  In the same way, if my faith does not result in good works, it is deadJames 2:14-17

Thoughts/questions:  Will ‘that’ faith save me?  The word ‘that’ is very important in these verses.  What is ‘that’ faith?  It is a saving faith AND a living faith.  Let’s look at both.

Saving faith – ‘that’ faith is total trust in what Jesus has done for us in forgiving our sins by dying on the cross and showing us mercy instead of judgment when we face Him in heaven.  Substituting some other faith than ‘that’ will not result in saving faith.

Living faith – without ‘that’ faith being demonstrated in our daily lives, our supposed faith is empty no matter what we say we believe. True faith must be accompanied by physical evidence or that faith is dead.  James uses a simple example that a Christ follower should ‘say what they mean and mean what they say’!!  If you say you want someone to be helped, help them.  If you believe something enough to speak about it, DO something about it!!! – or don’t say anything!!!!  The old ‘put up or shut up’!

The God of the universe desires us to live out our faith.  Are there specific ways you can put feet to your faith today???

Suggested prayer: Father God, show me today and everyday ways that I can demonstrate my faith by helping others . . .

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