Posted by: Larry Hoekman | October 14, 2018

James — Prove It!

Day 3185:  Do you want to be great in God’s kingdom? Be a servant!!! 

Scripture:  One could argue, “You just talk about faith, but I do works.”  It would be difficult for me to prove my faith without doing any works, but one could easily demonstrate their faith by their works. It is good to believe that there is one God; however, the demons also believe this and tremble.  So I would be foolish to identify faith that does not result in works as real faith. James 2:18-20

Thoughts/questions:  James makes a very logical argument – if one believes in living a combination of faith and works, they have a lot easier time proving it by demonstrating works rather than just saying they have faith. Good works may not be prompted by faith in the Lord Jesus, but faith MUST result in a changed life filled with good works!

‘Well, I believe in God, so that’s enough’ This statement may be well intentioned, but it doesn’t fit into God’s standard for us! We’re in ‘bad’ company, the demons also believe this and tremble, if believing is where we stop!

How is your combination of faith/works doing? In some of the Olympic events, judges evaluate the contestant on two categories like fundamentals and creativity. To do well, they must balance excellence in both areas. Being a Christ follower requires this same balance! Weak in faith and our works will depend on our strength. Trying to ‘impress’ God by doing and doing and doing – not gonna happen!

Strengthen your faith and let your works flow from a life that is totally dependent on Him and Him alone!

Suggested prayer:  Father God, may all that I do be done because of who You are and what You have done for me . . .

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