Posted by: Larry Hoekman | October 16, 2018

James — The Uncontrollabe Tongue!

Day 3187:  James 3 gets very specific in regards to our continual nemesis – the tongue. But there’s hope . . .

Scripture:  I should not become a teacher of others without considering that those who teach will be judged more strictly.  It is possible to stumble in many ways, but if I am never at fault in my speech, I would be able to control all of the areas in my life.  One can direct a horse and make it obey by putting a small bit in its mouth.  Also, a captain can use a very small rudder to make a huge ship turn wherever he wants; even in strong winds.  So also, my tongue is a very small part of my body, and yet great damage can be done by it.  Yes, a great forest fire can be set by a small flame.  James 3:1-5 

Thoughts/questions:  We WON’T ever control our tongue completely. With that said, we cannot lower the bar on our expectations regarding our speech, yet we also can’t constantly berate ourselves for our lack of absolute success.

All of us can remember a time when our little tongue got us in lots of trouble.  Truly, great damage can be done by it.  We also can remember a time where our speech was used to bring healing or comfort.  Hence, our greatest ally is also our greatest enemy.     

So these verses are more of a warning than a standard we should attain. Like fire which can be used for good and evil, so can our tongue.  How we primarily use it can be in our control!  Are you ready to start improving your use of this potent force?  Tomorrow we’ll explore how!

Suggested prayer:  Father, I’m sorry for using my tongue in ways I never should have.  I want to do better.  Help me . . .

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