Posted by: Larry Hoekman | October 22, 2018

James — But Thine Be Done!

Day 3190: MMM Make Mondays Matter!!!

Scripture:  When I am involved in quarreling and fighting, it is because of the evil desires for pleasure that battle within me.  If I want something that is not mine, it’s almost as if I could kill to get it.  By envying what others have that I can’t have, quarreling and fighting results.  Yet, the real reason I don’t have what I want is because I didn’t ask God for it.  And when I don’t receive after asking God, it is because I have asked with the wrong motives.  I cannot expect to receive anything from God when I only want to use what I receive for my own personal pleasure.  James 4:1-3

Thoughts/questions:  James 4 starts by attempting to solve two major problems:  quarreling/fighting and unanswered prayers.  Determining the cause is the key to solving any problem, so what is the cause of these two problems?

Freud called it the pleasure principle where immediate self-gratification is king. Eventually it is replaced by the reality principle of delayed gratification as we mature.  James states the problem to be our evil desires for personal pleasure, which I’ll call our ‘out of control wanter’.

Jesus struggled with this when faced with the cross.  His ‘wanter’ was opposed to God’s will for Him as He prayed for God to remove the coming events from Him.  After THREE times of “Not my will, but Thine be done”, Jesus was finally able to remove His ‘wanter’ from being king and to make His commitment to do God’s will His number one desire.

Not my will! It was hard for Jesus to place God’s will over His own at certain moments, and it will be hard for us as well, BUT well worth it!

Suggested prayer:  Lord, not my will, but Thine be done . . .

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