Posted by: Larry Hoekman | October 25, 2018

James — Focus on Self?

Day 3193:  Hi, today’s devotional examines our need to concentrate on our own concerns!  That’s plenty enough for me!

James:  I should not judge or speak evil against Christians, for if I do, I am speaking against the law and judging it.  Keeping God’s law should be my primary concern, not sitting in judgment of it.  After all, there is only one Lawgiver and Judge, and He alone is able to save and to destroy.  So who am I to judge my neighbor?  James 4:11,12

Thoughts/questions:  Many of you may have read the Chronicles of Narnia in which Jesus is represented as Aslan, the Lion.  Aslan interacts with the 4 Pevensie kids who often are more interested in what is happening in their brothers’/sisters’ lives than they are their own.

Aslan consistently tells them, “I tell no one any story but their own”.  There is so much wisdom is these words.  Each one of us has a unique story that God is trying to weave in our lives and all of our circumstances are unique to that story.  When we attend to our own story, God can give us peace and assurance regarding each and every situation.  However, He does not give us the grace or wisdom for everyone else’s story.

Because we don’t know ‘their’ story and God will ultimately be their judge, James states, “Keeping God’s law should be my primary concern, not sitting in judgment of it. When I concern myself with following through on what God has specifically for me, I don’t have time to delve into the spiritual behaviors of others.

Let’s all focus inward and take care of the problems residing in us!

Suggested prayer:  Father God, thank You that You are the one Lawgiver and Judge and that I am only responsible for me . . .

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