Posted by: Larry Hoekman | October 29, 2018

James — Hoarder?

Day 3196: May God’s face shine upon you today – be sure to look up, so you don’t miss it!!!  

James:  Here is a warning to the wealthy that I also need to be aware of.  They should weep and groan with grief because of the misery that is coming on them.  Their riches have rotted and their clothing has become moth-eaten.  Their gold and silver have corroded and the corrosion will testify against them and eat their flesh like fire.  They have hoarded their wealth and treasure in the last days.  Behold, the pay they withheld from the laborers who mowed their fields is crying out against them, and the cry of the harvesters has reached the ears of the Lord Almighty.  James 5:1-4

Thoughts/questions: Today’s verses are a warning is to the greedy; those who ‘love’, hold on to, and hoard their money! God has given us our wealth so we can use it for people, not to use people for more wealth.  Maybe this illustration will help your attitude towards what God has given you.

Hold out your hand palm up.  Imagine that this is where God has placed your possessions.  Now close your hand into a fist symbolizing you tightly holding/hoarding all of your wealth.  Nobody can take any of it, but God can’t put any more in either.  Now open your hand. You could potentially lose some of your wealth, but it is also open for God to bless you even further.

Are we hoarding our wealth? Are we using our wealth for things that eventually rot, become moth-eaten, or corrode? May we never be lovers of money!

Suggested prayer: Lord, help me to show my love for You by how I use the material possessions You have given me . . .

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