Posted by: Larry Hoekman | October 30, 2018

James — Our Brothers and Sisters!

Day 3197:  God is faithful to us in so many ways!  May you overflow with His love today!

James: They (the rich) have lived luxuriously on the earth satisfying all of their evil desires and have fattened their hearts as in a day of slaughter and have condemned and murdered good men who did not resist them. Under these circumstances, therefore, I must be patient until the Lord’s return, as a farmer who patiently waits for rains and the eventual harvest.  Yes, I also will be patient and stand firm, for the coming of the Lord is near.   James 5:5-8

Thoughts/questions:  If the coming of the Lord is near and many believe that it is, difficult times lay ahead for Christ followers.  Sadly, these difficult times are already here for so many.  According to Open Doors, which serves the persecuted church worldwide, there are over 100 million Christ followers suffering for their faith.  Imprisonment, abuse, hostilities and even death mark the lives of our suffering brothers and sisters.  Studies state that over 45 million Christ followers were martyred for their faith in the 20th century.

Soon you and I may be asked to share in that suffering. After reading Richard Wurmbrand’s In God’s Underground and realizing that I had never really supported my persecuted brothers/sisters, I have remembered to pray for them regularly.  Some day they may be praying for me.

I would never want to be face to face with a brother/sister, who thanked me for praying for them while they underwent horrible persecution, but knew that I had done NOTHING.  I will never do NOTHING again!

How about you?  Check the Open Doors website for information or read In God’s Underground. (available thru

Suggested prayer: Almighty God, send Your comfort and peace to your children who are suffering . . .

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