Posted by: Larry Hoekman | November 1, 2018

James — My Word!

Day 3199: Welcome to November and basically say goodbye to 2018!

Scripture:  But above all, I must not swear by heaven or earth, or with any other oath.  My yes must be yes, and my no mean no, or I may be condemned.  James 5:12

Thoughts/questions:  If only all Christ followers lived by these words of James, our reputation in our communities would be soooooo much better. I continue to prefer to use  the term, Christ follower, in reference to the people who seek to serve the living God and His Son, Jesus. The term Christian carries too much baggage and has too many users who still serve themselves, not Him.

No swearing!  Good advice at all levels, but here the focus is promising to do what you say by use of an additional oath or vow.  In Matthew 5:37, Jesus also said that anything more than yes or no is evil.  But what’s the big deal if we add some emphasis when we promise something?  Our integrity is the primary concern.  When we use more than our simple promise regarding doing something, we are saying that our normal words do not carry meaning without swearing by something bigger than a simple yes or no.

So, to be a person of our word, we need to speak less and mean it; promise less and only promise what we WILL follow through on; plan ahead more so there aren’t any ‘surprise’ occurrences which change our spoken word; and follow through on ALL the words we speak.  Our character, Christ’s status, and Christ followers’ reputations are ALL at stake!  My yes must be yes, and my no mean no!

Suggested prayer: Lord Almighty, help me to consider the importance of all of the words that I speak . . .

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